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Damn it.

So not in school play. It sucks. Not talking bout it anymore before it really depresses me.
THE TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA WAS A-FRICKIN-MAZING!!!!! AND THE GUEST STAR AT THE VERY END WAS STEPHEN TYLER! AS IN AEROSMITH! AEROSMITH!!!!!!!!!!!! ....and I'm sick of caps now. But OMG (k, I kinda lied - lol. now i'm done) he sang dream on and sweet emotion and it was the most amazing thing EVER!!!!! (oh screw it)

YAY CAPS LOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!!!

In all seriousness though, TSO is utterly amazing and one of the most talented groups ever (except for you know...aerosmith *secretive bragging* lolz). If anyone ever gets a chance to see the show, no matter how bad ur seats SEEM (at the IZOD center their wasnt a bad seat in the house) go. I mean it. You have to see these guys.

Wizards in Winter is a beastly, intense, addicting song.

Aaaaand, I'm done.
Thats all folks.


<3 TSO and Stephen Tyler!

I'm an Agent of Chaos

On another note,

I NOW OWN THE DARK KNIGHT ON DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


No, it is NOT mentally challenged to loooove the joker...I maintain the argument that I am, in fact, sane. So there.

Why. so. serious?

wOOt! Awsome music!

I'm seeing trans-siberian orchestra tomorrow morning with my bff and her family. You KNOW you're jealous! It's going to be awesome! (By the way, Christmas in Sarejevo is the BEST christmas song ever! Can't wait to hear them play it!)

That is all, just had to brag....and vent:...

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG O.M.G eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!

...ahem. Venting accomplished.

:D :D :D


I've been soooo busy. With History club, Lit Mag, a fair amount of homework and projects to do, and preparations for the school musical audition, it's a wonder I'm not going nuts! It's my first time trying out for a school play too....God am I nervous. But moving on! Before I start getting butterflies again.

Life's good, if not hectic. lol. I just finished all four twilight books in the span of four days (yea, I AM busy, no I dont know how either - stop looking at me like that ;) ) plus, I started talking to a really sweet, chatty guy at my bus stop. It's alllll goood... :P

Ta ta for now,

It was your voice that started my fall,

You’re brutal honestly that forced me to catch my self,

I’m sure you saw.

But you’re fleeting innocence, you’re beautiful romance,

Kept me afloat for awhile then,

Before the shoulda, woulda, coulda’s,

When this was not the end.

We both would if we could,

But we can’t.


What a week. A week being monday-wednesday, since I had yesterday and today off of school! (wOOt teachers convention!) lol. Someday I'll have to go to those, being a history teacher and all....but right now, as a highschool student? Freeeeeeeedoooom! :D

I've gotten a bit off track, soooo.....what a week, lol. Obama wins the election (!!!!!) marking a huge step in the maturity and equality of our country, truly shocking and exhilerating, in the sense that I am both nervous and impatient. (Though I come from a family of republicans I did not fully follow this election, so I am as close as one can get to being unbiased.)

This passed november fourth will be written about in history books for the rest of eternity, and debated about by many historians to come....the historian in myself is thrilled to have witnessed this important day.


...or at least thats how it was written on my english classroom's board. lol! O.M.G half the teachers in my school were decked out in 80s clothes! LOVED IT! (especially the guys...heh heh).

I was the joker, but the version of him in the beginning of the movie, with the suit, tie, and clown mask. Twas cool. ;) Had a halloween party, and we even trick or treated for a bit, haha. Now I'm...happy but tired. Yea, that works.

Peace ;)

Tick tock tick tock....

I'm slowly becoming tired....and I really should do APUSH notes, but spending a weekend working on my APUSH project has really wore me out....ironic huh??



Welcome to the world we live in,
Welcome to a world of lies,
Welcome to a world where chance is a given,
Where Insanity reigns but Hope never dies.

Welcome to the world we've made for you,
Welcome to this house of lies,
Welcome to a place of freedom and fun,
Where imprisonment and stress still magage to strive.

Welcome to a whole new land,
Welcome to Earth born anew,
Welcome to a place so extraordinary,
That the average and dull struggle to make it through.

Welcome, I say, to the dawn of the day,
Welcome to the break of a whole new living,
Welcome to a brand new way.

Welcome to the millenium gone awry,
Where birds sing,
But are afriad to fly,
Where the human mind churns and yearns for ideas brand new,
Where everyone fears precious resources are through,
Welcome to a place where all you can do is try,
Welcome to the world,
It's your job to survive.